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About Hydrocodone Yellow Watson:

Hydrocodone yellow Watson is a pain killer used to cure back aches, rheumatoid arthritis and other all sorts of body pains. As its name describes, it’s a pill of color yellow and is manufactured in Watson pharmaceutical laboratories. It is an elliptical or oval shaped medicine can cure all kinds of pain in short time. It belongs to analgesic class of medicines. And more specifically, Hydrocodone yellow watson is a strong tooth pain killer. Hydrocodone is generally a painkiller medicine for people suffering from various kinds of toothaches as well. If you are suffering from any dental problem then dentist’s first recommendation is hydrocodone yellow Watson. This very common medicine is supplied by Watson pharmaceuticals and is available at our online pharmacy.

Dosage information of Hydrocodone yellow Watson:

Healing of pain is linked with response of patients to consumed dosage of medicine. So here is brief but handy detail to use hydrocodone yellow Watson for curing pains.

Adults are advised to take 1 or 2 pills of hydrocodone 5 mg containing 325 mg acetaminophen in each oral tablet of hydrocodone yellow Watson. And if patient is consuming oral solution then he should take 15mL after 4-6 hours daily. This dosage amount is generally recommended by doctors to avoid adverse reactions in body functions.

Side effects:  

Hydrocodone yellow watson is an efficient medicine to cure pain.  It modifies signal given by nervous system to our body which stops feeling pain within few moments. But along with its uses for humans it has side effects all along with it as well. Its common side effects are constipation, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, muscles spasm, swelling, itching and headache etc. And rare side effects that less observed in humans suffering with various pains and are regularly taking hydrocodone yellow Watson are mentioned as choking, chills, bluish lips, bleeding from gums, stools, decrease in urine, insomnia, indigestion, weakness etc. to avoid such serious and milder issues you need to get prescription about proper dosage from your doctor.


To see better results and skipping of dangerous side effects you need to take some precautions before using hydrocodone on regular basis.

  • As it belongs to class of analgesic which may induce dizziness in you so don’t use it before operating any type of machinery or vehicles.
  • You are not recommended to use this medicine in late hours of day infact you should take it in day time so as to avoid sleeping sickness.
  • You should take care while taking such pain killer dose regularly so as to restrain yourself from liver problems.
  • Avoid its regular and longer term use because it may cause dependence in you which might lead to physical dependency and withdrawal syndrome at some age.
  • It is not suitable and recommended to people who are already suffering from respiratory issues and breath problems because it cause serious choking in throat and obstruction in breathing.
  • Pregnant women are not advised to take it regularly as may hinder development of your fetus at its pre mature age leading to miscarriage.
  • It should not be taken by people having skin problems.

Purchase hydrocodone yellow Watson Online:

If you need instant relief from pain, come and order hydrocodone yellow Watson tablets now without any prescription to get relief from your all pains. Now you can buy hydrocodone easily with and without prescription of a doctor as well. We deliver genuine medicine to our customers. You can obtain hydrocodone yellow Watson tablets from our online pharmacy by simply visiting and making an order at our online pharmacy anytime. We are here to serve you in the fastest way. We are available around the clock ticking.


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