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About Phenteramine k25: A medicine having similar qualities as that of amphetamine is called as phenteramine k25 which directly acts on brain to conceal hunger. It suppresses nerves of central nervous system (CNS) which makes you feel hungry.  Phenteramine k25 is such a stimulant recommended to be utilized along with diet and some regular exercise so as to control fatness in people of various ages. As far as its advantage is concerned, it helps in losing extra weight on the other hand there are some serious side effects which should be considered. Phenteramine k25 acts more or less similar to the drug named amphetamine.  Risk factors are always followed by over dose and wrong use of such medicines.

Usual Dosage for treatment of obesity:

Phenteramine k25 should be used as prescribed by you medical doctor or pharmacist. It should not be used for long period of time because this may adversely affect functionality of your body parts. Use it after having advice of doctor so that you can acquire his consultation if any abnormality occurs after its regular usage. Doctors mostly advise their patients to take phenteramine with an empty stomach.

Adults are recommended to take 8 mg of phenteramine before half an hour of their meals or they are advised to take 15 to 37 mg before or after 2 hour of breakfast once a day. Along with its intake doctors advise to do some sort of exercise or physical activity regularly because mere usage of weight loss stimulant may not be beneficial to them what they desire.

Side effects:  

Regular intake may induce serious side effects in proper body functioning. You should be aware of its effects which are sometime milder and sometime adverse depending how patient respond to such stimulants.

Here are some milder effects;

Mental abnormality, Sleeping sickness, withdrawal effects, headache, dizziness, faintness, swelling of extremities, vomiting, trembling etc

Here is the list of adverse effects;

Heart disease, hypertension, blood pressure, liver failure, diabetes, impairment in function of kidney, skin diseases, rashes, breathing problems, dry mouth, damage of taste buds and abnormality of thyroid glands etc.


Phenteramine k25 is a stimulant drug having both good and bad affects and should be used after taking some precautionary measures that are mentioned below to guide you in any of the following case.

  • Avoid its use if you are pregnant and have recently conceived because it often causes miscarriages.
  • Phenteramine should not be used regularly for long span of time.
  • If its intake enhances your hunger then avoid its usage and tell your doctor to get his advice in such scenario.
  • It may cause sleeping problems if taken late in a day so you are recommended to take it early in day time not later than 6 or 7 p.m.
  • Get advice of your doctor if you face any kind of allergy on its regular intake.
  • And if you undergo any type of heart disease then you must have prior consultation of your doctor.

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